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Place your trust in the one Father
pastor corner

My son is coming to visit this weekend! We talk often, but we live almost four hours apart. When we visit him, or he visits us, it’s a big deal. He will be attending the wedding of a friend on Saturday, but we will have plenty of time to spend together.  

Some of you know this, but we almost lost him two years ago. An accident that left him paralyzed came perilously close to taking his life. For the prayers of so many who lifted us up, we remain thankful. Mostly we give thanks to the One who gives and sustains life. We continue to believe that there are lessons to be learned and life to be lived.  

There is something about this kind of event that changes your perspective on everything. I have to admit something to you. Sometimes, I care too much about things that don’t really matter. I’ve gotten better about that in the last two years, though I still have a ways to go.

When I think of my love for both of my sons and my one daughter-in-law, I am reminded that God is a much better Father than I am. The fact is that I have made more than one mistake as a parent. I have been too harsh. And I have been too lenient. I have been inconsistent. I’ve been a poor example.

And yet … my boys still love me. Isn’t that amazing? They love me in spite of the times when I have let them down or led them in the wrong way.  

God has never led me astray. He has always been by my side. And the Bible says that he is “the same yesterday, today, and forever.” That means he is always consistent, faithful and true. I can count on him to keep his word. And so … I need to grow in my love for him, and my faithfulness to him.

The same can probably said for you. God is always faithful. We need to grow in faithfulness. Your heavenly Father knows your troubles, and he cares about those things that cause you pain. Can you trust him to meet your needs? His answers are not always what we like or want. But they are best for us. I implore you to trust in him. 

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