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Savannah church sets leadership conference
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As travel costs soar, businesses in Savannah and across the nation are rethinking face-to-face meetings.
At the same time, technology has matured to the point where it's now more affordable and productive to let advanced networks rather than cross-country flights bring people together. Many local businesses are shifting to Web-based meetings. Many are trimming corporate travel and training budgets and looking for new ways to connect to new ideas.
Savannah Christian Church is part of this emerging trend, hosting a live broadcast of The Leadership Summit, an annual premier training event originating from the Willow Creek Association near Chicago on Aug. 7-8.
The Leadership Summit is expected to draw 100,000 church and business leaders to conference sites in more than 200 locations around the world. Talks from world-class leadership experts will be beamed live via satellite to Savannah Christian, which is hosting The Leadership Summit in this area.
"State-of-the-art technology allows us to bring this event to Savannah, allowing leaders in our church, the city of Savannah and the entire region to experience the Summit with affordable pricing and easier travel," said senior pastor Cam Huxford.
Register at or call Savannah Christian at 925-9657 for more information. Discount rates are available for groups, students, faculty and active military personnel.      
When the Summit began in 1995, most attendees were church leaders. As its principles spread outside the walls of the church, companies began sending teams to the Summit, and many continue to use it as one of their core annual training events.
"Whether for my political life or my personal life, The Leadership Summit delivers faith-based lessons that make me a better citizen, husband, and father," said state Senator Eric Johnson. "I often review my notes from previous Summits before taking on the challenges of life."

Featured leadership experts at The Leadership Summit 2008 will include:
• Bill Hybels: Senior pastor of Willow Creek Community Church and chairman of the Willow Creek Association.
• Brad Anderson: Vice-chairman and CEO for Best Buy.
• Bill George: Professor of management practice at Harvard Business School.
• Wendy Kopp: Founder and CEO of Teach For America, a program to recruit college graduates to teach in America's neediest schools.
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