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See what is making one city a happier place
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In a normally gloomy climate, one woman began to spread her own sunshine in her community.

Michele Larsen and her daughter began spreading positive and inspiring messages in 2009. It has since grown into a non-profit organization, The Joy Team, which focuses on spreading uplifting and encouraging messages across the globe.

The messages are posted on billboards, the sides of buildings and on bus stop shelters. Some messages include:

  • "Best. Day. Ever. And it's yours."
  • "Wahooooo! Now you say it."
  • "Life loves you. Just the way you are."
  • "Happiness is contagious. Start an epidemic."
  • "Make today AWESOME. You deserve it."
  • "Believe in yourself."
  • "Anything is possible. Anything."
Seeing these bright messages on a figurative or literal cloudy day could be just the boost passersbys need to find their inner sunshine and encouragement.

Spreading positivity to others around you does not have to be a big production. A kind word, a smile, a gentle hand or even a prayer in someone else's behalf can do wonders to lift someone's spirit. You can brighten the day of store cashiers, bank tellers, teachers, strangers and your own family simply by taking much less than one minute to say something kind.

Watch how one family used their pug dog to spread positive messages to those in their community.

As parents, it's important to help our kids learn to seek the positive and to share it with others. They will follow our examples, so it's important that we are also looking for the good in the world and in others. Read "Teaching children to be positive in a negative world."

Being positive takes just as much energy as being negative, but the results are a lot more desirable.
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