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See why this Christian mother is giving up leggings
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A Christian mother has decided to give up on leggings, since, she says, they inspire lustful thoughts. - photo by Herb Scribner
Veronica Patridge, a devout Christian from Oregon, is giving up on leggings.

In a blog post thats gone viral, Patridge wrote that shes going to stop wearing leggings because they entice men. She said the tight form of clothing could make men see her in lustful ways. So, to ward off unwanted advances, the married Christian mother is ridding leggings from her wardrobe.

I made a personal vow to myself and to my husband. I will no longer wear thin, form-fitting yoga pants or leggings in public, Patridge wrote in her blog post. The only time I feel (for myself) it is acceptable to wear them, is if I am in the comfort of my own home or if I am wearing a shirt long enough to cover my rear end.

Patridge also wants to set a good example for her daughter.

I want her to know, her value is not in the way her body looks or how she dresses, but in the character and personality God has given her, Patridge said in her blog post.

BuzzFeed reported the blog post has been shared more than 69,000 times on Facebook.

"The blog entry received both support and strong criticism," BuzzFeeds Rossalyn Warren reported. "Some supporters quoted Bible passages and commended her for 'honouring God and her husband.'"

Patridge was interviewed on Good Morning America where she discussed the importance of modesty.

How sexual and suggestive leggings are has been a debate in recent years, ever since the piece of clothing has risen in popularity. For example, a California school banned leggings because they were too distracting to boys, according to Time magazine. The same thing happened at a high school in North Dakota, NBC News reported.

That said, one study cited by CBS said leggings help with muscle aches. Women who wear leggings during workouts felt fewer aches one to three days after their workout than those who didnt wear leggings.

The study said the leggings strength and tightness compressed muscles, which reduced swelling and boosted blood flow, CBS reported.
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