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Seek truth to avoid misjudging
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As human beings, we love to pronounce judgment on a lot of things. What is interesting is that we like to voice our judgment on things that really don’t amount to much – sometimes even arguing passionately.
Men like to judge football teams based on statistics or personnel, or we might judge politicians based on what we read or hear about them. We try to judge our economy based on numbers, or we judge others by what they wear or by the color of their skin.
Sometimes we get it right, while other times we judge unfairly.
Jesus told his listeners in Luke 12 there were people during his time that knew how to correctly judge things dealing with the weather but didn’t have a clue about dealing with the things of God.
Let’s face it, there are trivial things we pass judgment on that really have no effect on anyone – like, in our opinion, who is the best football team. If we misjudge things on the earth that are important, then we might suffer some temporal consequences. But if we misjudge the things of God, there will be eternal consequences.
For instance, if we judge someone unfairly, it probably will affect any relationship we have with them. But if our judgment of God is that he isn’t real or that one day he will not judge all mankind, then it will affect where we will spend eternity.
One of the best ways to make sure you are judging correctly is to seek after the truth. Don’t just take someone at their word. Rather, believe God’s word when it tells us that if we seek, we will find. God is not hiding anything and will reveal himself to us if we are really open to the truth.

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