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Surviving the storm
Pastor's corner
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In today’s world we have many challenges, including surviving the storm. When Peter got off the ship and into the storm he knew Jesus was with him. When he saw how violent the wind/storm was and he started to sink, he cried out to Jesus “Lord save me.”
Matthew 14:31 says, “And immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand, and caught him, and said unto him, O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?”
 We must see and understand what happened. Peter realized that he could not deal with the storm by himself so he called for help. He did not call on just anyone, he called on the one who he knew could save him, Jesus.
Everyone needs help sometime or the other. Maybe we need to live and not die in our storm of life. We may also need some financial assistance, some place to stay, or just a smile. We must realize and understand that what we have today we may not have tomorrow.
Lets look at the impact of the Hurricane Ike on the Houston, Texas, area. Last week they were fine. This week some are homeless. We tracked the storm and projected where it would hit, sometimes we don’t see the storm coming.  Don’t wait till after the storm to fix your relationship that was broken, do it before the storm and before you sink.
We don’t know who will survive the storm. Have you been through the storm of your life? Has the water damaged your goods? Has the wind blown your possessions away from you?
At some point you will go through the storm in your life. It may be your relationship with your mother, father, brother, friend or child. Take time to fix it. But understand that all you can do is try. We are strong minded, giving people, but we must also be humble. Humbleness does not mean that we allow people to treat us bad and you just sit there and smile, no it means that we know how to talk and deal with people with wisdom.
Sometimes the storm helps your life. The storm may come to get you out of your current situation. This may be the time that you receive help or get a new start. Sometimes we are happy that the storm goes somewhere else, but we are not thinking that it will cause damage anywhere it goes. I saw many positive stories from the impact of the storm, both in the newspapers and on TV.
When the storm comes and you start to sink what are you going to do? Do like Peter did and call on the one that you know can save you, Jesus. May God bless you and yours.

Andrews is president of the United Ministerial Alliance and member of MT Carmel Ministries.

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