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Teaching by example
Pastor's corner
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Have you ever heard the saying, “you’re so heavenly bound until you’re no earthly good?”
Well that can be true in a sense. You see, God has given us the power through His Holy spirit to live a successful Christian life but He has also included in that the power to live an effective practical life. We are to live our lives out every day doing practical things as well as keeping our lives holy.
Sometimes we, as pastors, neglect to teach the practical duties that must be done.
For example, we might tell our children to abstain from sex before marriage but do we sit down and teach them the “how to” of abstaining.
What if they don’t, then what? We can’t spiritualize everything.
If a bride-to-be does not know how to cook, you can’t expect her to learn by saying, “the Lord be with you.” Sure the Lord will give her ideas, but He has made a way for her to learn practical things.
God wants us to live abundant lives and He has made it possible for us to do so; for His word says, “And my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:19)
Yet, we must do something for ourselves from a practical stand point many times to receive these blessings. For example, if we are believing God for a job, we don’t just sit home and hope for it to drop out of the sky or someone to come by and offer it to us. We have to do our part by filling out applications and actively seek it for “Faith without work is dead,” (James 2:17).
I believe one of the most effective ways of teaching practical and spiritual things is by example. Children usually follow more of what they see rather than what they hear when it comes to following others. We need to be positive examples before our children and the people we come in contact with every day all day, in every way.

Edwards is senior pastor of Agape Christian Fellowship
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