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Thankfulness part of Christian life
Pastor's corner
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In Psalms 100, we are reminded to “Enter His gates with thanksgiving.” In 1 Thessalonians 5:18, Paul says that, “In everything gives thanks.” A thankful attitude is not circumstantial or seasonal; it is a living part of Christian life.
We often see and magnify the problems in life. But if we were to make a list of all our blessings, we would quickly see that life is a lot better than we thought.
A genuine heart of thankfulness is a pure and wonderful thing. Although the threat of terrorism, war, broken homes, drug addiction, crime, divorce, illness and many other circumstances are real and frightening, we must not allow ourselves to be robbed of the beauty of God’s peace.
God always provides every good thing for us to enjoy. By being thankful, we focus our attention to His presence, which is the very throne of grace. It is here that the enormity of our problems and the pettiness of what we “don’t have” seem to not really matter.
I am reminded of the woman in the seventh chapter of Luke. This woman brought an alabaster jar of precious perfume and poured it all over Jesus. That ointment was very expensive, but we cannot estimate its value to the woman and Jesus. She did this because she was so thankful for Jesus’ love and forgiveness.
We have so many reasons to be thankful. We have been abundantly blessed. When we realize that God is the source of all our blessings, then it will be much easier for us to be thankful. You see, we don’t deserve any of it. He gives to us by His grace alone.
It is our hope that the spirit of Thanksgiving will survive the season, and grow into an ever-living reality in your life.

Sapp is a member of Community Missionary Baptist Church in Midway. The Rev. James G. Frasier is her pastor.
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