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Treasure the important stuff
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Today is my birthday. I’m older than a lot of you, and that is all I will tell you about that.  
I had some thoughts in my mind a couple of months ago as to what I wanted for this day. The two leading candidates were a new golf bag and an infrared grill.  
And then, one month ago Friday, something happened that made golf bags and grills not so important anymore.  
If you have read my column the last few weeks, you are aware that my youngest son was in a horrible accident in his work truck. The fact is that almost did not make it.  The good news is that he is much better now. He’s still in the rehabilitation hospital and will be for a few more weeks. But he is to the point now that Mom and Dad do not need to be with him every waking moment.
In fact, he is so busy that we are sometimes asked to leave. And we are glad to do it. That is the only way that he will learn to do the things he must do to get better.
Now, back to the grill and the golf bag. Something interesting has happened in the last month: I’m not using my credit card.
Oh, I still use it to buy gas. During our travels, first to Charleston and then to Atlanta, I have swiped the card to fill up my car. But that, literally, is the only thing I have bought with a credit card since my son’s accident. I haven’t bought a new shirt or tie. I have not purchased any golf balls. Nothing.  
The reason for my change in buying habits really is simple. These things do not matter any longer. I have learned anew what matters most in life. I already knew it. I’ve preached about it for years.
But I once again have been reminded that I need to treasure those things that really matter. And that is exactly what I am doing.
What about you? What do you treasure most? Jesus said, “Where your treasure is, there is your heart, also.” Today, I can say that my heart is with my family, and my heart is with my savior, Jesus.
I am saddened that it took such an incident to remind me of the things that matter most. But I can assure that I am not likely to forget any time soon.  
I trust that you will treasure those things that really matter. Everything else is in the process of passing away. Let it go. Life will be better if you do.

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