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Trusting God in hard times
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For the last two weeks, I have shared with you the latest trial facing my family.  A little more than three weeks ago, my youngest son was in a horrific accident in his work truck.  In one brief moment, our lives were dramatically changed.  
This has been the most difficult journey that my wife and I ever have taken together. Our son is a grown man who has lived on his own for more than two years, but that can never change the fact that he is our baby. Seeing him that first time was the most helpless feeling I have ever felt.
But during the past few days, we have seen small victories, and we have seen the hand of God move in powerful ways. I remember one time hearing a gentleman say, “Never waste a tragedy.” I often wondered what that could have meant. I think that I am learning.  
Throughout the Bible, there are stories of individuals who faced difficult circumstances. From Job to Paul, God’s people faced trouble. And God walked with them through them all.
I have to admit something to you. I like to be in charge. I like to be in control. I am aware that is not a great trait for a Christian, much less a pastor. As I heard another man say, “The most important lesson I have ever learned is this one: There is a God, and I’m not him.” Yes, that is true. God is God, and only he is in control. There neither is the need nor the place for a co-pilot. God has this situation in his hand, and it is my place to trust him and follow him.
But we all know that is not easy. As you read the book of Job, you find that Job was discouraged by so much. He begged God for help, and God took his sweet time in responding.
And then there is Paul. We are told that he had an ailment of some kind that he asked God to remove. But God refused to do it. Paul was told that God’s grace would be sufficient to meet every need that he had. It was not easy for Paul to accept that, but he managed to trust the Lord.  
I must learn to do the same. God has not promised to give us easy lives, but he has promised never to forsake us.  We continue to trust him, for he loves us passionately. He will never leave us alone.

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