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What is worth investing in?
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The other day, as I was walking past my mailbox, I took a long look at it. It is old, faded and slides a little bit forward when one opens it.
I put new numbers on it a while back and had to put new screws on the door at the face of it, but only because I didn’t want the carrier to quit leaving my mail. Someday I will have to get a new one, but until then …
There is a reason why I haven’t bought a new one. On my priority list, it is not toward the top. I can think of a few other things that are not at the top as well, like designer clothes or a fancy car.
There are things though that ought to be a priority in our lives. It seems the most important ones are not always tangible. Our relationships should be important to us, like the ones we have with our families. Our parents, siblings, children and spouses should receive attention, but some have damaged these relationships through neglect.
The most important relationship we should have is the one with our heavenly Father — it should get our attention each and every day.
When something gets our attention, it shows that it is important to us. King David in Psalm 63 says, “Oh God, you are my God, earnestly I seek you; my soul thirsts for you, my body longs for you.” God got David’s attention because he understood his need for God. If we understand how much we need God in our lives, then he will get our attention.
The big question is, “What is important to you? What do you invest your time, energy and money into?”

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