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What it means to have a loving father
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Sunday, June 20, we celebrated Father’s Day, but the sad thing about it is there are a lot of fathers who don’t take this title very seriously.

They don’t understand that fatherhood caries with it a great privilege but also a great responsibility. There are also children who suffer because of an abusive or neglectful father.

This week I have had the privilege of taking a group of teens on a mission trip to work at a children’s home. The resident teens at this facility come from either abusive or neglected home situations, or some of the teen girls have been kicked out of their homes because they became pregnant. Their boyfriends have refused to take on the responsibility of fatherhood.

The Bible talks a lot about our responsibility to the fatherless, and this facility is obeying God’s mandate in reaching out to this group of kids.

The Bible also tells us that every one of us can have access to a loving father no matter what our earthly situation is. God has promised us that we can call Him Father and that we have 24/7 access to God’s very throne, where we can talk to Him about anything we would talk to our earthly father about.

There is one condition for us to become children of the Father. It is that we must accept His Son Jesus Christ as the forgiver of our sins. The good news is that this father-child relationship is available to anyone desiring it.

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