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What my church, pastor mean to me
In the pulpit
Barbara Martin 8 98
Barbara Martin
Established in 1934, the Midway United Methodist Church in Midway is a rapidly growing church. It is an exciting time for members and growth is evidence.
“Our new pastor (Pastor Douglas Walker) is really working. He is working at improving fellowship and Christian commitment. He is doing a tremendous job. The church is growing and the financial situation is very good,” longtime member Barbara Martin said.
She joined Midway United Methodist when she was 12 years old.
“I remember what I wore on the day I was baptized. I wore a purple dress,” she said. “Attendance is increasing and Sunday school and Bible study classes are growing. The new pastor is stressing visitation and volunteering.”
Martin said members are excited about what they see.
“Midway is a growing area, and our hope is our church will grow with Midway.”
While not always a member of the Midway United Methodist Church, Martin has been a part of the Methodist faith since the age of 12.
“I need that spiritual fulfillment on a regular basis. I feel strongly about tithing. If you are going to live according to the Word, you must tithe.”
Martin teaches the Adult Sunday School Class, serves as Chairperson of the Pastor Parish, and is a member of the Administrative Council.
“I have served in just about every position in the church.”
A retired teacher and former Liberty County School Board Chairwoman, Martin says she has taken a more active role in the church because she has more time.
Newcomer, Susan Grunnells, is also pleased to be a member of the Midway United Methodist. Although she and her family have only been members for a few months, she feels like a part of the family.
“We fit right in. I felt like I belonged from the minute we walked in the door,” Grunnells said. “We have been involved right from the start; we participated in the annual barbecue, movie night out, and Christmas dinner. We are really enjoying being members.”
Grunnells said her sister and husband started attending first and invited them.
“We all joined the church at the same time - my husband (Ronald), my two sisters (Angela Newbury and Sandy Ralph), their husbands, and all of our children.
“It is great going to church. I didn’t realize something was missing until we starting going to church. We had gone to churches before, but this is different. Pastor Walker and his wife (Lyn) came out and visited with us. They made us feel so welcome.
“Pastor Walker is wonderful. He is like my big brother. I am not intimidated or nervous when I am around him.”
Martin said, “One thing that stands out at Midway United Methodist Church is the outpouring of genuine concern for others.”
Walker and the Midway United Methodist Church family invite you to fellowship with them at 215 Martin Road in Midway. Services are every Sunday at 8:45 and 11 a.m., with Sunday school at 10 a.m., and Bible Study on Wednesday nights at 7 Midway United Methodist also has a food pantry.
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