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What's in a name for Christians?
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There was an event in our community this past weekend that honored the life of a local hero.
His name is Capt. Matthew Freeman. I never had the privilege of meeting him, but according to those I know who did, he was well-thought-of and a great human being. There are certain words that are synonymous with what he represented — brave, loyal, unselfish, dedicated and, of course, hero.
There is a person in history who was the greatest hero of all who, like Freeman, gave his life for others.
I’m referring to Jesus Christ. There are words that are synonymous with his name — savior, forgiver, lover of our souls, provider, teacher and healer.
There also is a name given to Christ’s followers. We are told, in Acts 11:26, that his disciples were first called Christians at Antioch. This is where we who claim to be Christians come in. First John 2:6 says “whoever lives in him (God) must live as Jesus did.” Some versions actually say “must walk as Jesus walked.”
Jesus was our example of how to live, so the words that should come to people’s minds as they watch our lives should be unselfish, kind, loving, forgiving and caring, just to name a few.
May God help us let our lights shine so that the name Christian really means something.

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