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Flowers for his Valentin
Meaders afterpic
Today Steve and Rryoko Meadors live in Liberty County. Steve sends his bride flowers from K.C. Florist and Gifts at least once a month — and twice on some occasions.
Everything is rosy in the Meadors’ household. Just ask Steve’s wife, Ryoko, who has received flowers at least once a month from her adoring husband for more than 25 years.
While their marriage is in full bloom, their budding romance wasn’t quite as rosy as their life is nowadays.
Steve described the moment he first saw his bride-to-be at her father’s “English conversation school” in Okinawa.
“She was a teacher,” he said, “a little bitty thing — 77 pounds.”
Steve and Ryoko’s father were chatting in a hallway when   she stepped outside of her classroom, placed her hands on her hips and said with a voice of authority, “We’re trying to teach in here.”
“I was already in trouble,” Steve said.
He recalled asking her father, “Man, who was that?”
“My daughter,” her dad responded.
It took about a year for Steve to win Ryoko’s heart. It took a little longer to win over her dad.
Steve recalled the foot chase that ensued after the couple informed her father and grandmother they were getting married.
“Her family was not that hot on the idea,” he said.
Steve was a soldier at the time, and Ryoko’s dad knew the couple would inevitably move to the U.S.
“I can understand. She was his first born. It’s hard for daddies to give up their daughters,” Steve said.
It was a fear that was realized six months later when the couple did in deed move to the U.S.
Though Steve and his father-in-law eventually worked out their differences, it didn’t help that Ryoko’s sister married a sailor and moved to Illinois.
“Her father blamed me for that,” Steve said.
Today, Steve dotes on his wife because seeing her happy brings him great joy.
He sends her flowers each month — sometimes more than once a month, from his favorite florist, K.C. Flowers & Gifts in Hinesville. He usually sends red or yellow roses for their anniversary, and pastel-colored flowers for other occasions.
He estimated spending thousands of dollars on flowers throughout the years, but said a small bouquet is just as good.
“It has to come from the heart,” he said.
Steve makes sure Ryoko receives her flowers in the morningtime, so she can share them with her co-workers and enjoy them all day.
“It makes her smile, and I love to see her smile,” he said.
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