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'Game of Thrones' earns its popularity
Showtime with Sasha
The human characters are so real in "Game of Thrones" that it is easy to accept the fantasy thrown into the mix. - photo by Studio photo

Got GoT?
By GoT, I mean “Game of Thrones.” I must say, I’m a little intimidated to tackle this enormously popular HBO series, but I’m going to give it a shot. Just don’t call me Kingslayer. Let’s dig in to a spoiler-free review!
In 2011, HBO launched an ambitious project designed to bring the fantasy books of George R.R. Martin to life. The series, now in its fourth season, is about an epic power struggle on a continent called Westeros. When the king of Westeros dies, each prominent family sets its sights on claiming his iron throne.
To say GoT is popular is an understatement. What’s the allure? For me, one strength of this series is its gritty reality. GoT is about the ambition of men. It examines human frailty so well that by the time fantastic creatures like dire wolves and dragons are tossed into the mix, the viewer doesn’t even flinch.
Also, Martin’s characters are infectious. They have quickly become hot topics in pop culture.
Last season, the show’s honorable underdogs from the frozen north, the Starks, were nearly obliterated at an event we have come to call The Red Wedding. Red, my friends, is for blood.
Is all lost? I wouldn’t bet on it.
If you’re tired of being the only person in the room not up to date on all things GoT, let me warn you that the show is on HBO for a reason. Two words: adult themes.
One more warning: Death is prominent. Similar to a series that rivals its popularity, AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” you just can’t get too attached to your faves. In Westeros, people drop like flies. But it’s all part of the nail-biting excitement.
I’m a fan!

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