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Benefits of exercise praised
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In an era of national uncertainty and instability when it comes to insurance and healthcare costs, Dr. Daniel Cooke’s presentation last week to Hinesville Rotarians concerning the health benefits of exercise couldn’t be more timely.
“Exercise will do something for your body that nothing else will. I guarantee you’ll be a happier, more productive person,” the Hinesville Chiropractor said. “And really, these days you just can’t afford not to. Healthcare is one of the biggest costs while also lowering productivity.”
Although he’s a longtime healthcare provider himself, he encourages his patients, and all of Liberty County residents, to maintain a healthy lifestyle and use physicians for more serious, chronic injuries and illnesses. Cooke said exercise is especially helpful for spine and neck health (his specialty) because if you do it right, strong back muscles can prevent and heal a great deal of injuries.
“One of the main reasons people hurt their back is because they’re not conditioned,” Cooke said. “The glue is the exercise.”
Cooke further made his point by explaining that exercise is more beneficial to health than people imagine. He said often it’s useful in both preventing diseases like Alzheimer’s, heart disease and cancer, and can help reverse existing conditions including high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high stress and anxiety levels.
“It’s great for reducing stress, and stress is one of the biggest things everyone has to deal with,” Cooke said. “It also helps you sleep better.”
But Cooke isn’t just one those professionals who tells patients to do one thing while doing another. He said he exercises regularly and even teaches a pilates class at the YMCA. He said pilates is an effective way to strengthen the body, especially the core and back.
“The benefits of exercise are enormous,” Cooke said. “And there’s tons and tons of evidence to prove it.
Cooke ended his presentation by challenging and inviting the community to come to the YMCA and try his pilates class or jump start an exercise regimen that he guarantees will change their lives.
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