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Children also need quantity time
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I was disappointed recently to hear a professional athlete tell of his decision to sign a contract that would have him living some 15 hours away from his kids. He had an opportunity to sign with a team right in the same area where his kids live and could still make the millions of dollars that he will be making.
He said his decision was based on the fact that it was best for his professional career. In other words, it was all about him having a better opportunity to win a championship.
He felt like he could be a good dad by visiting his kids occasionally and by taking care of them financially.
Studies have proven that kids don’t just want quality time with their parents but, if they have a choice in the matter, they want parents with them as much as possible.
Money and gifts don’t replace time either; kids don’t build relationships with possessions, but with people.
The Bible gives parents an awesome responsibility to teach their children, discipline them and to exemplify the right way to live, and this is limited if tried from a distance.
I do understand that some circumstances make this very difficult and parents have to do their best, but in this case the parent had a choice and didn’t make it on the side of the kids.
If you are a parent, be willing to take on your God-given responsibility to your children and pray about every decision you make concerning them.
Put them as a priority above yourself.
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