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Hospital starts new ER admission program
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The nation’s emergency departments are in crisis due to overcrowding, which threatens access to emergency services for those who need them most. In its ongoing effort to better serve emergent patients, lower wait times and provide better customer service, Liberty Regional Medical Center will be implementing a new program called Early Medical Screening for Low Acuity Patients (EMLA).
Emergency room patients will continue to be seen by severity of complaint, meaning the most life-threatening cases will be attended to first. Any patient requesting attention from the emergency department will receive a medical screening performed by the doctor on duty; cases that are deemed non-emergent and meet EMLA criteria will be given several choices regarding care.
Further treatment options include continued care in the emergency department, medical attention from a community resource or primary care physician.
“We appreciate the opportunity to serve the residents of our community and surrounding areas,” said Liberty Regional Medical Center CEO Scott Kroell and Dr. Jim Snow. “We are committed to providing excellent health care, with dignity and respect, to each and every patient.”
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