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Lecture on children and nutrition
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Liberty County schools have been in session for nearly two weeks, and that means tests, projects, and other stressful assignments are starting to pile up for students.
Dr. James Hutto, director of Liberty Health and Wellness Center and a practicing naturopathic doctor of 13 years, is providing local parents and students a free lecture concerning the connection between nutrition and academic performance.
The lecture will be at 7 p.m. Tuesday at Farmer’s Natural Foods and will cover nutritional and lifestyle factors that effect children’s health and academic performance. Hutto will address topics such as ADD, stress and academic performance, and cold and flu prevention.
“Growing bodies and developing brains need proper nutrition,” said Hutto, who received a degree in naturopathic medicine from Clayton College of Natural Healing. “If a child is undernourished the nerve connections in the brain aren’t as robust as they should be.”
He says this can affect everything from attention span, to learning capacities, to preventing illnesses.  
Hutto, with three teenagers of his own, also understands preparing nutritional foods for children is not always time or cost efficient for busy parents, so these issues will be addressed as well.
Another important topic for students under pressure is stress management, and Hutto will discuss strategies for reducing stress and anxiety levels.
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