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Remember the original summer drink
glass of water

H2O need to know
• Water makes up about 60 percent of the human body.
• Every system in the human body depends on water in order to function properly.
• Water flushes toxins out of the body and helps carry nutrients to cells.
• Water helps to provide a moist environment for our ears, nose and throat.
• Water lubricates the joints.


How much?
According to, the amount of water needed varies by individual, and there are a lot of factors that contribute to a person’s daily water needs. The standard minimum is:
• men should drink at least 4 liters, or 13 8-ounce cups, per day.
• Women should drink at least 2.2 liters, or nine 8-ounce cups, per day.
• Those engaging in exercise should add an additional 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 cups of water per day.
• Pregnant women should drink at least 10 cups of water per day, and breast-feeding women should drink a minimum of 13 cups per day.

I have been writing lately about healthy recipes, those I come across in my daily life that I find interesting enough to share. However, in the hectic hustle and bustle of life, the simplest recipe components often are overlooked.
There is no denying that summer is here. I have been racking my brain this week to come up with a recipe for a refreshing, healthy summer beverage to share. After all, now that the Coastal Georgia days are long and hot, we’re all searching for ways to stay cool and comfortable.
I typically spend most of my days behind a desk in the air-conditioned indoors, so this summer heat hasn’t been much of a bother except, of course, anytime I go outside. Just in the short walk from my office to my car causes me to break out in a horrible sweat. Additionally, my car’s air conditioner struggles to keep up with the high temperatures outside, which makes for some fairly uncomfortable, sweltering rides home.
Since the onset of summer weather, I have noticed that my skin has been dryer than usual. During the past few weeks, I can’t get through a day without several bouts of dry mouth, and I get terrible headaches every afternoon. Overall, I have been feeling sluggish and not like myself.
I recently complained about these symptoms to my husband and told him I was thinking about going to see a doctor. He asked me whether I had been drinking enough water.
Water? I had to stop and think about the last time I actually drank water — not coffee, tea or soda, but pure water, all by itself. I couldn’t think of any instances in the past few weeks other than when I take my vitamins or allergy medication, which require only a sip. Uh oh!
With the increased heat, I have been cooling off with iced coffees, iced teas and lemonades. Although they all contain some water, I still was not drinking nearly enough.
It seemed that all my symptoms could easily be attributed to dehydration — not having enough water in the body to carry out normal functions.
While I was attempting to recall just how much water I had been drinking — or not drinking — it occurred to me that I didn’t know exactly how much I’m supposed to ingest to begin with. We’ve all heard the old “eight-by-eight” rule, which is to drink 8 ounces of water eight times a day. I wasn’t sure whether this rule is backed by any scientific data, so I hopped on my computer to learn as much as I could through online research.
According to, men should drink at least 4 liters, or 13 8-ounce cups, a day.
Women should drink at least 2.2 liters, or nine 8-ounce cups, a day.
So, I am now delighted to share the healthiest of summer-beverage recipes: Grab a glass, toss in some ice cubes and fill it with water. Don’t wait until you feel thirsty to drink plenty of water this summer. Even mild dehydration can take a serious toll.

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