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McAllister manager's passion bring history alive
Daniel Brown stands alongside a display of large, Civil War-era shipboard wrenches and ratchets from the Fort McAllister museum. - photo by Photo by Katie McGurl
Daniel Brown is a total history buff.

His forte: American Civil War history.  

He loves it, and, through his job as Park Manager at Fort McAllister State Historic Park, has been able to live it.

Brown has a hand in all of the diverse aspects of the park, museum, and historic site at Fort McAllister. He creates and oversees park programs, designs exhibits for the museum, curates artifacts, conducts historical research, and participates in Civil War reenactments at the fort. He also acts as a liaison to campers and visitors, and oversees the park and facilities as a whole.

“If you’ve got a love of history and like working with people, it’s a great job … I find it to be very satisfying,” Brown said. “And I get to dress up and do programs,” he added, smiling.

Although he was highly influenced to pursue history by one of his high school teachers, the native Savannahian explained, “I’ve always liked history, ever since I was little.”

As a boy, he preferred to watch history-related programming to popular sci-fi shows.

Some of the inspiration for his career choice also came from the TV show “Flipper.” “The dad on that show was a game warden-type guy and I just always wanted to be what he was, which, in a way I guess I am. But that show sort of inspired me,” admitted Brown.
He went on to get a degree in U.S. history from Armstrong Atlantic State University, minoring in both anthropology and museum studies. He manages to utilize each of those concentrations on a regular basis in his career.

Of all the responsibilities he currently has at Fort McAllister, Brown most enjoys doing research. “You’ll get a lot of requests from visitors on doing genealogy, or just like with (a recently discovered) projectile, being able to trace
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