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Military spouse making self known in books
ea Haralson
J.R. Haralson reads one of her books. - photo by Photo by Edith Anderson
By Edith Anderson
Special to the Coastal Courier (Hinesville, GA)

“They kept talking and talking and talking. They would not shut up,” J.R. Haralson said.
The prolific, young writer said the characters in her book would not stop talking to her.
“Once I completed the book, then they stopped,” she said.
An up-and-coming author, Haralson, has nearly completed her third book.
“I did not publish my first book, “Time Will Tell,” because of low esteem. I started it in 1998 and finished in 1999.  
“Writing is my passion,” she said.
Her book, When “Tables Turn,” was released in 2006.
“I have always had a dream of becoming an author; a passion for words, and a vision of helping others to see their work in print. What took me four months to write took three years to hold in my hand. It was a feeling I will never forget,” she said.
“Tables” is a novel about a military couple whose marriage collapses after he goes on a solo overseas tour. The novel deals with everyday issues that people have. The book has 40 chapters, and some of them have a song to go along with the chapter.
“I wrote all of the songs for the book, except two,” she said.
The book received five stars from; a 4.5 review from Ann Brown of the Rawsistaz Literary Group; and was Savannah disc jockey KC’s choice for her radio station book club at FM 94.1.  
Haralson dreams of having music accompany her novels, and her dream is about to come true with the release of the single for the upcoming soundtrack to “When Tables Turn.”
The record is scheduled for release in the spring.
“I would like to tell aspiring authors they come into the world as authors. But there is a time and season for all of us. When you begin to feel discouraged, you have to write anyway because you can never get away from your passion and what you were born to do,” Haralson said.
She says she has a “vision team.”
“I have to give credit to great artists such as Earl Paige (Paige Productions), Rob Smith (G Streets Productions), Kaoss Beats, Mr. YBR, Heat (Bringin da Heat Productions) Matt Payne, Matthew Rawls, Ms. Kim G, and Melissa Clark.  I truly thank them for their support. Without them, there would be no music.”
Her next novel is scheduled for publication this spring. It is titled, “To Anyone Who Will Listen.” In addition to the release of this non-fiction piece, she plans to release two novels, “Phenomenal” and “Dancing to Someone Else’s Tune,” this year.  
A native of Frankfort, Kentucky, Haralson grew up as a military brat (as she says) and then a military spouse.  She lives in Allenhurst, is an avid reader and loves to travel. She has three children. “My daughter, Mia, wrote her first play when she was 9 years old. She also writes her own songs. My son, Joe’l, who is a student at Bradwell Institute, also writes.”
Copies of “ When Tables Turn,” can be ordered from,, and
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