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Movies made for Valentine's Day
Showtime with Sasha
about last night
Michael Ealy and Joy Bryant star in a remake of "About Last Night" that was put out for Valetine's Day.

You have the perfect dinner planned and you’ve chosen the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for that special someone.
What’s missing? Well, why not follow it up with a movie?
Here are newly released films for couples:

About Last Night
She will like: Michael Ealy and his gorgeous eyes
He will like: Kevin Hart is as popular as bacon these days. Let’s face it, the man is funny.
“About Last Night” is a remake of the Chicago-set 1986 picture starring Rob Lowe, Demi Moore and James Belushi. This time, the fun is set in Los Angeles. It also stars Regina Hall, Joy Bryant and Paula Patton. The story follows two couples, one seemingly more experienced and helping to mentor the other. But just which couple is having the better luck in love?

Endless Love
She will like: Alex Pettyfer definitely is easy on the eyes
He will like: It isn’t all rainbows and kittens. Love affairs can have a scary side, too.
At first blush “Endless Love” seems awfully close to one of the most romantic pictures of all time, “The Notebook.” He is working-class; she is spoiled, with protective parents. That is where the similarities stop. Young and in love also can equal dangerous.

Winter’s Tale
She will like: If she’s a “Downton Abbey” fan, she can blame this film for giving that show’s Sybil, Jessica Brown Findlay, the Hollywood bug and helping her decide to leave the British series. Still, it’ll be nice to see her again.
He will like: I’m going to be honest — there’s not much for him to like. But Russell Crowe plays a villain here. Don’t be surprised if this is the only thing that keeps him awake.
We haven’t seen an epic romance like this one in a while. The official synopsis reads:
“Set in a mythic New York City and spanning more than a century, ‘Winter’s Tale’ is about miracles, crossed destinies, and the age-old battle between good and evil.” …
“Peter Lake (Colin Farrell) is a master thief who never expected to have his own heart stolen by the beautiful Beverly Penn (Findlay).  But their love is star-crossed. She burns with a deadly form of consumption, and Peter has been marked for a much more violent death by his one-time mentor, the demonic Pearly Soames (Crowe). Peter desperately tries to save his one true love across time, against the forces of darkness, even as Pearly does everything in his power to take him down — winner take all.”

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