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Music with lunch
HAAC hosts free, noon concert
Wyatt Richie performs during a lunchtime concert Friday in Bradwell Park. - photo by Photo by Katelyn Umholtz

Hinesville residents were treated to a musical lunch break on Friday.
The Hinesville Area Arts Council held a concert from 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. that day in Bradwell Park. The show featured two acts: Blaine Bunting from 3rd Class Citizens played from 11:30-12:30, and his cousin, Wyatt Richie, played from 12:30-1:30.
Though separate acts, they both played covers of songs from artists such as Toby Keith and The Allman Brothers. The public was invited to bring lunch, sit and listen.
HAAC Chairwoman Leah Poole said the goal was to get more people outside and to bring people together for some fun during their day.
 “We hope this will be a chance for people to get outside during the workday, enjoy nature and listen to some great music while they have lunch,” Poole said.
Bunting and Richie are no strangers to the Liberty County music scene. Both have played shows in similar outdoor settings before and enjoy doing it, especially when family and friends are in the audience.
While on break, Bunting talked about 3rd Class Citizens and its recent accomplishments. The group is up for a Georgia Music Award in the category of country music. The winner will be announced later this month.
“We’re trying to spread out through the coast, such as South Carolina and the Jacksonville area. We’ve played in many different parts of Georgia, including the Atlanta area,” Bunting said. “We’re actually nominated for the Georgia Music Awards, which is in Atlanta. So we’re getting out there.”
Richie is working on his solo act and has played several shows with Bunting and 3rd Class Citizens around the Liberty County area.
 “Events like these are important because it gets everyone together and it gets more people outside,” Richie said.
Poole said the arts council used to hold shows in Bradwell Park every month that were popular, and she hopes to make it a recurring event again. With this in mind, she hopes to bring more musical art to the HAAC and Liberty County, which often lacks that kind of art.
“Plus, we do a lot with visual arts, but we don’t do as many musical events, which is why we wanted to do something like this. The arts council believes in all forms of art,” she said.

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