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MySpace vs. Facebook vs. Twitter
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Few would dispute that Facebook, Myspace and Twitter are some of the hottest social mediums around. These online hangouts have become the place to see and be seen.
According to a recent survey by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, more than one-third of all Americans now have profiles on these social networking sites.
This data suggests it is helpful to use social media to tap into career and business opportunities in today’s tough economy.
Social sites are not just for kids anymore. ComScore reports that people age 35 and older now represent the biggest group of users. “You get access to people that you can’t get in other ways,” says Jack Berkley, 32, a college student. “If you are not on there, you don’t exist.”
One thing’s for sure: These networks are big communities. In fact, more people visit social networking sites or blogs than use Web-based e-mail, according to a new study by Nielsen Online.
There is overlap between these sites, and they all aim to connect people who share interests and/or activities. Berkeley integrates his Twitter with his Facebook account.
“I don’t think these networking sites are competing with each other ... they are there for different things,” he said.  “But Myspace is to Facebook what Yahoo is to Google ... dead.”
Caroline Gayheart, an active-duty Army spouse, opened a Myspace account to keep in touch with people, but today she primarily uses Facebook.
“I liked the concept of Myspace but I felt like it was an overwhelming amount of stuff for a single page,” she said. “Facebook seems to be more of a professional site.”  
Gayheart said Facebook helps her to stay in contact with her husband and family during deployments.  
So what are the key differences between Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter?
According to Myspace, the site is a place where friends can create a space to stay connected.  
Facebook advertises the power to share and connect, creating a utility to manage day-to-day relationships with help from technology.
Twitter offers real-time news feeds, which allow users to share and discover what’s happening right now anywhere in the world, according to Twitter’s site.
However, networking sites are not just for keeping tabs on friends. They are also being used as business tools.
What’s the Scoop Café in Richmond Hill opened a Facebook business account to promote the business and connect with costumers.
Jennifer Foley, the cafe’s owner, said they choose Facebook because it has so many members.
“It is a place for the community to get involved,” she said. “Facebook helps to sort of personalize our business.”
Foley said she thinks it is important for businesses to take advantage of sites like Facebook for marketing and networking.
Currently, Facebook is the world’s largest social-networking site with more than 200 million users, followed by Myspace. Twitter is the third-largest social community, according to a recent social networking poll.
Jesse Perry, a videographer from Richmond Hill, uses Twitter as a news source and Facebook as a way to connect with friends.
“I have my Twitter stream sent to my cell phone via SMS throughout the day,” he said.
Perry’s favorite networking site is Twitter.
“Twitter’s claim to fame is the 140 characters limit on posts. It encouraged people to be brief,” he said.
Recent Nielsen data shows that Twitter is the fastest-growing Web brand with a 1,448 percent increase in members within the last year.
 Kirsty Keeney, 29, a stay-at-home mom, uses both Facebook and Myspace.
“I use Facebook every day,” she said. “I like it better there because many of my friends have accounts and Facebook has more to offer. It’s interesting to see what everyone is up to and how old friends have changed and see their families.”
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