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Reality TV show seeks local family
Extreme Makeover looking for deserving family
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The popular ABC reality TV show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is searching Liberty and other coastal Georgia counties for an admirable family to cast in an upcoming show.
“We are looking for the deserving people and inspiring families that America can really root for,” said Morgan Fahey, casting supervisor. “We’re looking for those special people who have amazing strength of character and never give up.”
The show hopes to recruit a local family that has made a difference in other people’s lives or “whose stories have really affected their community,” Fahey said.
“We have three criteria for the families we look for,” said David Shumsky, casting producer. “First, they have to be homeowners. We cannot work with renters for obvious reasons. And second, we’re looking for families that are in desperate need of a home makeover. There are a lot of people that need help but we want to help the people that need the most help first.”
“We really want to help those families whose homes present major problems for the family, those big issues that affect the family’s quality of life on a daily basis,” Fahey explained. “We want to find deserving people who just don’t have the resources, ability or time to fix those serious issues without our help.”
And third, Shumsky said, the family chosen must be worthy of a home makeover.
“We look for people who are heroes in their own communities,” he said.
Shumsky said an area family should be cast before Christmas, and work on the lucky family’s home will begin sometime in January 2010.
The Rev. Katrina Deason, of Liberty County Manna House, said the show’s producers contacted her this week. Deason said she sent Extreme Makeover: Home Edition a list of potential candidate families.
“I think it’s pretty exciting,” the Rev. Deason said. “He (Shumsky) sounded like Hinesville was high on his priority list.”
Deason said she and Shumsky discussed how Hinesville area residents have suffered a double whammy, with both Fort Stewart’s large-scale deployments and the economic downturn.
“It’s brought hardship to many people,” she said.
Interested families should e-mail a short description of their family story to the show’s producers at
Nominations may be submitted by the family or by a member of their community. Each nomination must include the names and ages of every member of the household along with a description of the major challenges of the home. Anyone who nominates a family should also explain why the family deserves a makeover, how they are heroic and a great role model for their community. If possible, include a recent photograph of the family. All nominations must include a contact telephone number.
For more information on how to apply, go to
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition has won Emmy Awards for best reality program and is in its sixth season on ABC.

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