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Rivers Alive cleanup is Saturday
1023 Rivercleanup 1
Volunteers work to clear local waterways during last year’s Rivers Alive cleanup. - photo by Photo provided.
Rivers Alive, the anchor event for a season’s worth of beautification and outdoor cleanup efforts sponsored by Keep Liberty County Beautiful, kicks off Saturday at dozens of sites around coastal Georgia.
The fourth annual Rivers Alive will welcome more than 200 volunteers to slog through waterways and help rid them of litter and pollutants, KLCB Director Sara Swida said. “Volunteers will be working on some of the tributaries as well as some creeks that run through town,” she said. “We try to reach as many areas as possible.”
Rivers Alive extends into Monday with a cleanup organized for student volunteers at Hinesville schools, Swida said.
Much of the pollutants and trash that accumulate in the more than 70,000 miles of waterways in Georgia come directly from populated areas. While some trash may not seem like a threat, Swida says even the tiniest pieces of refuse can harm wildlife and water quality.
“Something like cigarette butts — we tend to see a lot of those, and it’s pretty serious,” she said. “Even the motor oil that drips from cars on roads gets washed into our waterways when it rains.”
The best and easiest way to prevent pollution is to dispose of trash properly, Swida said. For example, restaurants should store used cooking oil in proper containers rather than dumping it down drains, and individuals who change their own oil should not dump it in storm drains but instead take used oil to a disposal facility.
For more information on Rivers Alive and other KLCB events, call Swida at 368-4888.

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