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Sound off for Aug. 22
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If you’re not going to support our country, regardless of who is in office, or pledge allegiance to our flag, you need to leave the United States of America.

Is there anybody left with a heart that is willing to donate a well-run, well-maintained vehicle to a low-income handicapped person so they can get to their doctor’s appointment? If so, leave a comment, and I’ll get back to you.

I’m calling about our new DFCS office that we have on Highway 84. Do we have any humans working to answer the phone? I have been given four different numbers with a recorder answering. Please, somebody, answer the phone. Taxes are paying this!

I am so tired of getting my mail wet every time it rains. Do the postal carriers not have to close people’s mailboxes now? I could understand it if I didn’t have a well-working, practically new mailbox. But my carrier, undoubtedly, doesn’t have the strength to close the box. If you’re getting wet mail, please call the post office — maybe we can stop it.

The racial makeup of the school board may still be intact, but the voting block just experienced a major shakeup.

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