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Sound of March 4
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To the person who said soldiers should be required to live on base: does he realize that without the soldiers here, Hinesville wouldn’t even be a spot on the map?

To the reader who commented about the potholes: those potholes are job security. I know because I’ve complained about them also.

Japanese cars are made in the U.S., Korean cars are made in the U.S., American cars are made in Mexico. What part of this does not compute?

Where is Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and all the other black leaders and Christian reverends not complaining about the slavery going on by ISIS?

I hope and pray that no one on the Riceboro City Council gets a pay raise after they hired contractors to come through and put city sewage and left everybody’s houses incomplete.

This new food director for the Board of Education really doesn’t know her workers. But she comes in and make changes without talking to her workers.

It’s a shame that the people in the board of education office are greedy and forget the little people.
The reason the food service workers, bus drivers and custodians can’t get a raise is because the board of education can’t budget.

I see Riceboro is following the lead of the Hinesville city council and doubling their pay. Seems more self-serving than public service.

How can a well-established sub sandwich shop advertise in the local paper week after week daily specials for $3.49 but actually charge you $3.79? And when I talk to the manager she cops an attitude about it. I think I’ll be going to the sandwich shop next to this one from now on.

I’d like to commend the mayor and city council of Ludowici for keeping taxes down when all other cities have continued to raise taxes.

Somebody needs to seriously think about a left-hand turn into the Tractor Supply store. There is no left-hand turn. Someone needs to think about it.

Looks like we’ve got another restaurant coming to Hinesville. Yay.

There was no such thing as a towel at the time Jesus was born. Read the Bible clearly, person. They may give you a clear and more reliable understanding.

We need a Chipotle.

I was in the corner of Mr. Sampie Smith. I thought he would be a good board member, but I was very disappointed. I would like someone who is going to serve the children and the community to take his seat.

Just read the Sound Off about custodians and cooks should better themselves. I found that extremely rude. Is it just me?

The school board decided to cut 43 jobs and Lily Baker said it is a tough time and tough decision. Evidently, she doesn’t think that when they gave the superintendent such a large salary. The chief of police in Savannah makes less than our superintendent.

I would like to know where the county inspectors are. They need to come down to the Isle of Wight, the west side, and they could have a ball. They keep crying keep Liberty beautiful – they sure got a job down here.

Jesus was born in a towel. Look it up.

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