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Sound off for April 1
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Don’t walk the streets of Midway; you’re subject to go to jail.

I’d like to know why on Leroy Coffer Highway, there’s a piece of property that’s owned by the state, but it’s not owned by the state, it’s owned by a person who has not paid taxes on it for seven years.

It seems like the mayor caters only to the military because he was once military. But has he forgotten: he is a civilian now, he needs to do better.

When is Golden Corral going to open? It seems very small to me. All this land that the county has, it needs to spread out and not have everything jumbled up in these small places.

The district-attorney’s office in Hinesville should be under investigation. They are sanctioning cases that are unfounded, and they should be reported to the state.

Isn’t the school superintendent supposed to be leaving? They need to get qualified people from Liberty County who know the school system, and stop going to other counties.

I have asked before in Sound off, and I’m asking again. Where is the A.C. Moore Arts & Crafts store? Is it in Hinesville or in Savannah? We need to know so that we can go shopping there for our Sunday-school supplies.

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