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Sound off for April 1

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Bradwell’s baseball team is doing just as bad as Bradwell’s basketball team was. How about some new coaches for the players and the alumni?

Mosquitoes are the worst in years. Please spray now, especially around James Brown Park, ballfields tennis courts, schools and churches first. The rec center and parks need to be sprayed. The mosquitoes are really bad.

Did the BoE drop the ball yet again? Why did the Choice bus only go to one school in the county? Come on, BoE, get your act together.

Liberty County voters need to wake up. The county is going to put SPLOST back on the ballot, and we need to vote no.

This is to the person that works at the coffee shop at Winn. Why do you have all these signs saying “Employees work for tips only” — what, do you guys make, $7 to $8 an hour? Why are we going to tip someone that’s always complaining about your co-worker or your boss or a customer to another customer? You need to do your job. You need to grow up and do your job and quit complaining.

Yes, I have to agree with the Sound off about the person making reference to the teachers teaching in the public schools and your kids go to private school. I never really thought about it. I guess that is something to think about. You teach my children every day, but you choose to send your kids to private school. That is something to think about. Apparently, when your teacher is not good enough for your child to go, so maybe you should go to the private school.

Very good question: Why would you teach in the Liberty County School System and send your child to private school where you have to pay? That is a very good question. Apparently, your heart is not in the place that you choose to teach. If so, why would you send your child elsewhere? Very, very good question. If your heart is not in it, and your bank account is not in it, why not send your child to public school?

Oh yes, I’m just reading the article about Riceboro. You know, I hope that Hinesville will see that, too, and maybe the people in Hinesville will wake up like Riceboro people are and replace these do-nothing politics and council.

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