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Sound off for April 13

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I can’t understand. Starbucks makes a lot of money, so why do those poor girls who work at Winn Army Hospital in the coffee shop only work for tips? This is sad.

How do you find out the location of a Hawaiian food truck?

People in the Rye Patch community are sick and tired of teenage punks who race wide-open past our homes. Personally, we have them on videos and have turned in their license plates. My neighbors plan to do the same. If their parents can’t control them, maybe the law can.

There’s an individual on Madison Avenue between Inwood Drive and Olive Street that has a yard sale just about every weekend. No problem there. The problem is, he leaves quite a bit of his junk out in front of his house until the next yard sale, and it creates quite a messy sight. I was just wondering if any neighbors have complained about it, or can the city do something about it?

OK, BoE, why are buying more company vehicles when our bus fleet is very old and we don’t have the mechanics to even maintain them? Why can’t get more buses and more mechanics?

Some of the teachers at Liberty Elementary School have went crazy with these class dojos. I think it is just so unfair that the whole class gets punished for some kids talking. I don’t know how many times I check my email and I see “Class dojo, whole class talking,” and the whole class gets punished. This really makes the kids’ morale go down.

OK, Hinesville, we need to really look into making a left-hand turn going into Tractor Supply. We have two left-hand turns going into Walmart; why can’t they turn one of those around and use it for Tractor Supply? An accident’s going to occur there, and somebody’s going to seriously get hurt.

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