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Sound off for April 15
woman surprise

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I would like to see it printed and thank the IGA meat department, the meat people that cuts up the hams for you, slicing it so beautiful and makes it ready for soup when you get a ham. I just want them to know that we do appreciate them cutting up meat for us and taking our orders. They do a great job. Thank you, IGA in Midway.

I read Mr. Gilliard’s article in the paper (Sunday, April 5) about the NAACP. I would like to say I am a black African-American man. I would like to say that it was OK with what they had the police for to talk about the community environment. It begins with people. I would like to say to Mr. Gary Gilliard, at least you did not lay down at the Shuman Center. I was looking for you to lay down out in front of the Shuman Center.

Yes, I was reading, I am very confused here how you can ask to get rid of a pastor and then you won't turn around and give him an appreciation luncheon.

Liberty County says they don’t have any money, they want to raise our taxes, but they can go out the King and Prince for their little meeting.

God bless the person who turned in my cellphone at Kroger’s in Hinesville a few months back. Thank you, God bless you.

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