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Sound off for April 16
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Being a prior veteran, I see all the news reports that they’re going to take sexual harassment and deal with it, yet you let a brigadier general get a smack on the hands and $20,000 fine and more than likely the three individuals were, or will be, booted out of the military. It’s not going to change until Washington puts the screws to the commanders and removes them from the process.

I would like to see checked out our water, how safe it is, because doctors are telling people who live in the Midway area, some of them, not to use the water that they are provided with. They’re telling them to drink bottled water. And when they put chemicals in the water, we cannot drink it for tea, hardly. And then we’re breaking out with rashes. Is it the water?

If Australia can’t find the black box from flight 370, then that means they either time-traveled or they went to a parallel universe.

I would like for somebody to answer me a couple of questions about the birth announcements in Sunday’s paper. No. 1, I’d like to know how these people come up with these names that nobody can pronounce or spell. And the other thing is, how come none of the parents have the same name? The parents always have two different names. Evidently, most of these children do not have any fathers or whatever.

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