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Sound off for April 20

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For Easter, I cooked rabbit with Shake ‘n’ Bake chicken, and my rabbit tasted like chicken. Does anybody out there have any rabbit recipes they can put the Coastal Courier? I have no computer, no cellphone or email to look it up. Thank you.

I think anyone running for the mayor of our city should at least have a college education. This town is going in the red because we have people who do not know how to budget. They should at least have some education in budgeting. And … this city is mixed up of all races; we do not need one person running for mayor that has interest in only one race.

Another thing is, why did they build that big huge football field? Would someone please look at the softball fields and the baseball fields that these kids have to play on? There’s all sorts of kids that go to school; money should be spent in upgrading that. It’s disgusting; other schools come to play at our school and see that our maintenance of our softball and baseball field is so bad and the ground is not even level.

Be aware of giving your credit and debit cards to personnel in local fish markets. Thank you very much.

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