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Sound off for April 22
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Which is worse, the Midway Industrial Park, what they’re producing there, or across the road at Lake Gale Road, what they’re producing at the chip factory? Where they produce junk cars and drugs and stuff.

Shame on the person that took a walker of a stroke victim at the Walmart in Savannah on Highway 17. I’m sure you’ll be on camera, and it was parked in a handicapped spot in the pickup that you put it on. The person said you must have needed it more than they did, and they don’t harbor any ill feelings. Now that’s a good person, I think.

Well, I don’t know what we’re going to do about the water system coming into Midway, but they’re going to bring water and disrespect the people who already have water. They say they’re going to make them pay regardless of whether they get the water or not, so I don’t know what they’re going to do when they come to get my pay, and I don’t pay up. Are they going to lock me up? Come and take me or kill me because I don’t pay my water bill?

I think I have something I want to do for Hinesville. I’m trying to get rid of some jewelry, so I’m going to start leaving jewelry in different places in town. Who knows — you might find it in the bathroom, on the sidewalk, at the desk. Just a thought — I need to get rid of it. Come on, Hinesville, get off the stick. Quit complaining so much, look for some happiness around you. Look for some jewelry.

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