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Sound off for April 22

These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can verify neither sources nor their motives. Call 876-3733.

In reference to Bradwell’s athletics program, please stop blaming those young kids for not succeeding. It is the coaches that are paid to make those kids successful in athletics, and if you remove those boosters from guiding the coaches, that program will succeed. You can’t have a program where coaches are guided by boosters. The coaches must do the best thing for those kids, and adults that’s not involved, stay away from them and watch the results. Those kids will improve with a coach that is not afraid to answer to the boosters.

I don’t usually ask for help, but I’m in a situation where I need help. I really want to build a screened-in porch for my mother, but I can’t get a grant to build it in. If there’s anybody out there who can help me, I would buy the lumber, I would buy the equipment. I just need someone to come and help my 87-year-old mother have a screened-in porch so that she can sit outside and enjoy the fresh air. I’ve asked all around, and the government isn’t willing to help me, so I have to stoop to begging. Like I said, I will supply the equipment, and I just need the labor. OK? Is there anybody out there who can help me help my mother? Thank you.

I’m a soldier here on post at Fort Stewart, and I just want to say how deeply disappointed I am to hear about the racial epithet that was written at the health-care facility on post. It’s an embarrassment, and I really hope that the military police do something about it.

With all these gun-happy, Taser-loving cops out there, the next time I’m pulled over for no reason — or as one cop told me, “This is a random stop, period” — I will hold up my driver’s license and registration to the window. Anything else, you can get a search warrant.

To the caller in Wednesday’s paper: I’m a black, African-American man also, and after reading your criticisms and comments, I suggest you lay down and take a nap either in front of the Shuman Center or somewhere.

When I was growing up my parents taught me to always live within your means. I think our city officials and county officials need to take that to heart. I just read that they’re wanting to increase their spending in several departments by 25 percent or more. They need to realize that they’re breaking the back of the taxpayers in this county and they’re running good people out of the county. Somebody’s got to pay for all of their Christmas wishes, and so they need to become responsible adults and responsible citizens in the county.

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