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Sound off for April 25
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Happy Easter. Easter has to do with Jesus Christ rising from the dead. How does the Easter bunny fit into it? Could someone please tell me?
So Hinesville hosted the Georgia Black Mayors Association? I thought we were an inclusive community, not one that supports racial divides. When is the white mayors association or the Hispanic mayors association coming?
Liberty County Animal Control does have an ordinance involving nuisance animals. Get a hold of them. Their supervisor is Randy Durrence. Check with these people. If you can give them pinpointed addresses or general areas for them to look at, they could probably give you some benefits.
After reading the editorial in Sunday’s Coastal Courier, it sounds like Midway needs to have a recall vote on the mayor. If she cannot follow the laws that control the mayor and follow the vote of the city council, then she needs to be voted out. The citizens of Midway deserve better than this.
I live in District 2 in Ludowici, and my commissioner seems to have no idea or no recollection of the city getting audited. I’ve had this property for almost seven years, and I’m paying almost $4,000 worth of taxes, and no one seems to be able to tell me what’s going on with that money or what they’re doing with that money.
I would like to know why Coastal Manor uses a pharmacy in Pooler for the nursing home when we have a lot of local pharmacies that they could use.
I’m just wondering, how do we get a street sign changed? On Elizabeth Street, on one end of the street, it’s spelled differently than on the other end’s street sign.

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