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Sound off for April 27
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Young people, when you go outside, always use suntan lotion. I’m almost 65 years old, and when I was young, I didn’t use suntan lotion. Now, every six months, I go to the skin-care people, and they biopsy lumps on me for skin cancer.

Pawn shops take in stolen guns every day because they aren’t required by law to run a background check when guns come in, only when the guns are picked up or sold. This is wrong. They should run criminal checks before the gun is taken in, as well as checking the serial numbers to verify the gun is not stolen. This loophole helps criminals unload a hot gun.

People need to take into consideration that you cannot lie your way to heaven. That’s not the way to make it — it’s through love, peace, joy and understanding for your fellow man. Not lying.

I like the new property side, we’re separated now, but I just don’t think you took into consideration when property bills come in and are due. The building’s not big enough.

The only reason that racism isn’t dead is because it can be used as a tool.

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