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Sound off for April 28
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To the Sound off caller who thought I didn’t have my facts straight, what was so bad about Bush? Under Obama, the federal debt is up 58 percent, consumer prices are up 10.2 percent, real household incomes are down 5 percent, Americans in poverty are up 6,700,000, food-stamp recipients are up 49 percent. I guess if you got a free cellphone, he would seem like a great president. But if you know anything about the way the country should work, he’s a great failure as president. Bush was far better.

Could somebody please tell me why county commissioners are playing favorites with one department on the west end of the county versus other fire departments?

You know it’s a crying shame when you can walk into the commissary, the PX or any other building on Fort Stewart and you see these posters about the dress code, but nobody’s enforcing it. Come on, what’s the deal? That really says a lot about the leadership on Fort Stewart — or the lack thereof.

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