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Sound off for April 30
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A couple weeks ago, a headline in the Courier was about the black mayors conference. Talk about prejudice. Can’t believe it.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and predict that somebody in Liberty County will win big money in the lottery before the end of the summer. If this person wins, like I predict they will, I hope they donate some of that money to the animal shelter. I know if I won, I’d give them a million bucks.

Today’s (last Friday’s) the day of the Special Olympics, and it’s for Liberty and Long. Wonder why the children at Coastal Academy are not going, the disabled children. It’s for them. They haven’t done anything all year — no outings whatsoever. Somebody needs to check into this.

Who’s in charge of the special-education department for Long County and Liberty County, and how come there’s no funds for the special-needs children to attend the Special Olympics? Someone needs to check into this. This is serious. And I’m not going to stop at this phone call, you can be sure. Please help your community. It could be someone in your family.

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