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Sound off for April 8

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What Bradwell needs is one less lay coach griping about the certified coach’s coaching ability.

If our law-enforcement officials are arresting criminals who are breaking the laws, how is that racial profiling?

Bradwell football went 0-10; Bradwell boys’ basketball, 4-23; girls’ basketball, 13-13; softball, 4-20; baseball, 5-9; soccer, 4-7 girls and 5-5-2 boys. What Bradwell needs is better players and less lay coaches.

This is in regards to teachers not taking responsibility for other students and sending their students off to private schools. Have you ever considered the fact that the children in public schools have maybe not the best parents or the best raising-up? I mean, personally, I’ve seen some really bad children I wouldn’t want my kids around.

New coaches for the players and alumni at Bradwell? Ha! All the real coaches are getting out of there or are not coaching anymore. You have a better chance of finding Sasquatch than you’ll have at finding a real coach at the high school at Bradwell Institute.

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