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Sound off for Aug. 15

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When is the city council going to wake up and realize that Hinesville may be building all kinds of entertainment centers, but you got the back door open? The military and civilians that are coming and living here now are putting their houses up for rent and moving to Richmond Hill or Long County and buying a house. The word is out, ladies and gentlemen. This town has got to increase their quality of life and the upkeep of the neighborhoods surrounding Fort Stewart because Fort Stewart now is even passing the word. Look at Richmond Hill or Long County, but don’t stop at Hinesville. It’s a dump, and it’s becoming a dump because they do not enforce the city codes. That’s just plain and simple. People are just abandoning this area. In my neighborhood there are 13 houses that were either abandoned and the others are for rent, and no one is moving in. One has been there in shambles for two years, and nothing has been done by the city. You think people are going to buy next door to that? Forget it, people. Hinesville used to have quality of life, but not since we went on this big building spree, and property values have dropped. My house has dropped almost $10,000 market value in three years. You think I would recommend anybody buy here in Hinesville? Forget it.

People should be aware when you buy a home in Oakcrest: The realtors feed you nothing but lies.

It was just on television that Robin Williams of “Mork and Mindy” was found dead in his room. He committed suicide at the age of 63, to which I respectfully say, “Nanu, nanu.”

I think it’s wrong that the people have to go out of Hinesville for their meetings. Why can’t they use the places right here in Hinesville? Why can’t they go to a hotel we have here and reserve the rooms for their meetings instead of spending the county’s money out of town?

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