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Sound off for Aug. 20

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I’d like to know whose bright idea it was to put Zaxby’s where it’s currently being built. I don’t think that’s a very good idea. Guaranteed there’ll be a couple of wrecks there the first day that it opens.

Just want to thank the businesses that support the girls’ softball teams by paying for banners. Thank you very much. This will help some of the girls pay for their uniforms.

We should have a Publix store here and some competition for the other stores to do better and get more creative. They have a large variety of foods and meats and bakery goods.

I was cruising the new neighborhoods and got totally lost. This beautiful young mother took time to let me follow her to my street so I wouldn’t be lost anymore. Thank you, dear God, for beautiful people.

I want to make a comment on the article about Comcast. I totally agree. Comcast needs some competition. I recently just stopped using Comcast, but we cannot get another cable company in the senior complexes. Please, someone, help us get someone in here besides Comcast.

It is so sad in America that a man like Bill Gates, with billions and billions of dollars, can pay off teachers’ unions, governors and anyone he wants to push Common Core down the American children’s faces. It has been well-documented this is not a good education program, and why don’t the teachers fight back? I thought that slavery was over years and years ago, but we’re following this man because he has money. And then he can make more money off the children.

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