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Sound off for Aug. 24
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Our local leaders who express shock and disappointment at the failure of T-SPLOST should take another look at our $8 million remake of Olvey Field, our three courthouses, our ridiculously pretentious city hall and our $12 million school board palace for starters. The message that you don’t understand is that we no longer trust you with our money.

That mulch that the new public works facility that OMI is giving out isn’t fit to be trashed. It needs to be hauled to the landfill.

OK, I know you have new hours, new cook and new grill at the VFW. How about getting some new flags at the VFW post? They are a disgrace to the post.

You cannot see to turn left out of Pineland Avenue onto Highway 196. The Clyde’s market needs to remove the rose bushes. They’re blocking the view of drivers trying to turn left; there’s going to be an accident, and someone is going to get extremely hurt. The city should investigate this.

My son was told if he transferred to a high school out of his district, he couldn’t play sports for a year. So how come a couple of kids who don’t live in that district are going to Liberty and are playing sports?

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