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Sound off for Aug. 29
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We need to know who is in charge in Hinesville that allows business to close their business, move to another shop and leave an empty building. This happens all the time in Hinesville. You don’t see this in Richmond Hill. You don’t see this in Savannah. They don’t have a bunch of empty buildings because a store moves down the street.

Riding around Hinesville, you see a lot of people spending at least 30 minutes to an hour washing their cars. They can’t even spend 20 minutes to cut their grass. Some of their grass is knee-high. Come on, Liberty County, let’s get together and clean up the county.

The Liberty County Transit should consider selling those buses to another city while they still have value and we can get out of that bad deal.

Your picture editorial in the Sunday, Aug. 19, was very offensive. Chick-fil-A is a Christian organization, and its employees do not ask customers their sexual orientation. The water fountains were ridiculous — as a store employee will give anyone a cup of water. You can do better than that on the editorial page.

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