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Sound off for Aug. 30
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Why are the taxpayers of Liberty County paying for three superintendents when the board chairwoman thinks that she can do it all by herself?

I found some old Civil War recipes in Long County. Does anyone know a good substitute for the ingredient “boiled Yankee soldier?”

I want to say “Attaboy” to Randy Murray for the fine article that he wrote about Colonel Rose of the WTB, and also the outstanding, in-depth article that he wrote about the fishing event for the soldiers of the WTB. And finally with the nice write-up about one of our people in the community that helps out the soldiers in any way she can with her creations. I want to say, Randy, thank you very much for your dedication in writing, and also hope that he is healing OK and he can come back to work. (EDITOR’S NOTE: Randy is back to work.)

I wonder why we spend so much money on having a yard crew to cut grass for the school system, but yet the grass is so high up to my knees to where I have to look down for snakes? Something needs to be handled about this problem. You don’t need a college education to cut grass, but yet they have highly qualified people with college degrees that can’t keep the grass cut. So tell me what’s up with that? Where’s my taxpayer’s money going?

Is there anyone in town that repairs bicycles in Hinesville, Midway, anywhere in the surrounding area?

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