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Sound off for Aug. 4

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I would like to thank Golden Corral for their wonderful breakfast.
I used the Coastal Animal Clinic in Hinesville for my dog’s rabies shots today. They gave me a 2 p.m. appointment and kept me waiting until 4 p.m. Then, they refused to give me my rabies tags, as I live in another county. Talk about cheap. Has this happened to anyone else before?

You walkers walking early in the morning ringing doorbells is called harassment. Please stop it. It’s very disturbing.

My question is that the teachers are trained on the iPads, but what about the paraprofessionals? If the paraprofessionals are not trained on the iPad, then they should not be helping the kids with the iPad. If something happened to the iPad, then the paraprofessional would be in trouble for it. As a parent, I would like to know why the paraprofessionals can’t be trained.

I just read in the paper where they’re going build apartment buildings for senior citizens. I firmly think that that’s a very nice idea, but I hope that they’re not so small that they can’t move around in the kitchen or that their living room can only hold a love seat and an armchair. Just because the person is a senior citizen doesn’t mean that they need to be cooped up in a tiny apartment where they can barely breathe. Again, thanks for the idea, but please give them livable space that they’ll be able to enjoy.

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