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Sound off for Aug. 5
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To the caller who was complaining about four-wheelers: Rye Patch ATV Track is location right off of Rye Patch Road. The phone number is 912-318-1984. It’s a great place to ride.

I live in Midway, and my Comcast cable has been off for hours, even though it’s sunny outside. This happens a lot in Midway — can we start getting refund checks in Midway when the weather’s perfectly fine but the cable is off? I think that’s a good idea.

Boy, I went through Richmond Hill again yesterday. Boy, that town is really growing — I guess that’s because everybody on the eastern end of the county has to shop there for anything. Come on, Liberty County, let’s get something down here.

This is for everyone out there that wants to get rid of the Liberty County bus line. Well, tomorrow you may wake up and find the gas prices have gone up to $5 a gallon or more — you just sent a message to the gas station that you’re willing to pay $5 for that gallon of gas.

I voted against that 1 percent sales E-SPLOST (sic) tax. Look at Patton Road, look at Frasier Circle. As it goes on to Gen. Screven, see how rough those roads are and ask me why I did not vote for that E-SPLOST (sic). Also, Patton Road is turning into a parking lot — is it a two-lane road? I wonder.

Well, I see the Midway police made the news again on “The Chew” on TV at 1 o’clock with the lemonade girls in Midway.

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